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These Terms and Conditions form part of the Agreement made between The Open Road Experience Ltd and the Hirer of an e-Bike, e-Tandem and Equipment used during an Experience booked with us. We recommend you read this information carefully.


These Terms and Conditions apply between The Open Road Experience Ltd and the lead person hiring, and / or any other member(s) of your party and / or any other persons using our equipment. The use of the word “Bike” refers to e-Bikes and e-Tandems.  The use of the word “Equipment” refers to all items hired and includes helmets, locks, saddlebags and/or any other items owned by The Open Road Experience Ltd, whether on payment or otherwise . This agreement and the rights of the parties under it shall be governed by English law.

By signing the Hire Agreement the lead person making the booking accepts that all of the Terms and Conditions apply to each member of the party. 


We may ask for proof of identification, such as a driving license or a passport, when hiring. We reserve the right not to hire to an individual.

Booking & Payment

A non-refundable deposit of 25% of the value of your Experience is payable on booking. Receipt of your deposit will confirm the reservation. You will be sent your final invoice in advance of your Experience, for online payment 48 hours before the day of your ride.

A security deposit will be taken on the day of your Experience and refunded in full on the safe, undamaged return of the bikes and equipment. Any repair costs will be deducted from the security deposit. Should these costs exceed the security deposit you will be liable for the full amount. 

The security deposit is £100, in cash or by debit/credit card, for bike hire, and £200 for tandem hire.  In the event that you have chosen a piloted e-Tandem experience the security deposit will be £50 to cover any damage caused by the rider, or loss of equipment.

You may be able to arrange public liability cover,  in the event of an accident involving third parties, and for theft and damage of the bikes during the period of hire, with your holiday insurance provider.  

Hire Periods

The following definitions apply:

  • A day is an 8 hour period usually from 0900 until 1700
  • A half day is a 4 hour period usually from 0900 until 1300, and from 1300 until1700
  • 2 hour hires can be arranged at any time between 0900 and 1700

These times may be varied by mutual agreement depending on the location of the start / finish of the Experience. The start time is the time at which the bikes are removed from the bike transport, The Experience includes a short introductory session lasting no more than 15 minutes. Single day hires of over 8 hours, or multi-day hires, are by agreement and will be subject to a charge proportionate to a single day hire.

Cancellation of a Reservation by Customer

If you are unable to make your arranged Experience date, a change of date can be made up to 7 days prior to your Experience.  Your booking deposit will be transferred to a new date, subject to availability.

Cancellations can be made up to 48 hours prior to the start of the Experience, however you will lose your non-refundable booking deposit. 

In the event you cancel within 48 hours of the start time of the Experience, full payment will be retained.

Cancellation by The Open Road Experience Ltd

In the event of The Open Road Experience Ltd being unable to fulfil a pre-booked Experience or part thereof every effort will be made to source replacement equipment or rearrange the Experience for a different date. Should this not be possible a full refund will be given.

Delivery Service

Delivery and collection is included in the price of your Experience, within a 45 minute drive of BA11 5HF, calculated using GoogleMaps. Deliveries and collections can be made outside this area by arrangement, at a cost of £5/10 minutes of additional travel time, calculated using GoogleMaps. Bikes will only be delivered to / handed over to the persons named on the hire agreement upon production of the identification set out above.

Rented Bikes & Equipment

Bikes and equipment hired on a rental agreement remain the property of The Open Road Experience Ltd. You are obliged to take good care of the bikes and equipment hired and to take all reasonable precautions to protect them from damage, loss or theft. Young persons (under 18) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

You are responsible for immediately informing The Open Road Experience Ltd of any damage or loss sustained to or from the bicycle or equipment during the period of hire. This is particularly important in the case of damage likely to affect the safety of the cycle or equipment. 

The condition of bikes hired will be recorded by digital photo as part of the Open Road Experience introduction to your bike. The photos will be shared with you. Equipment will be checked for loss / damage on return in order to complete the Hire Agreement and confirm a refund of the security deposit. In the unlikely situation that a full inspection is not possible at the time of return, digital photos will be taken at the point of return (and shared with you) to record the condition of the bike and the security deposit will be retained until an examination can be carried out by The Open Road Experience Ltd.

Should any damage be sustained to the bike, components or equipment during the hire period, you are responsible for the full replacement cost, at current market price, of the whole or part of the items so damaged. 

In confirming the reservation and signing the hire agreement you are accepting that any new damage found to the bike on return amounting to more than the value of the security deposit will be additionally payable. In such circumstances you will be informed by email of details of the damage and amount due, including proof of costs.

Commencement of Hire & Return of Bikes

Each bike is checked by The Open Road Experience Ltd prior to every hire. By accepting the bikes, you accept that you are receiving them in a good technical, safe and clean condition. The bikes must be returned in the same mechanical condition in which they were delivered. 

The bike will be delivered with a fully charged battery. It is your responsibility to monitor and maintain sufficient charge to complete your journey.

An introduction to the bike, using the e-assist system and following a Komoot route will be provided as part of the Open Road Experience. It is your responsibility to ensure, before departure on your route, that you understand the operation of the bike, the information provided by the handlebar mounted computer, and how to follow the customised route within Komoot. 

You must not cycle under the influence of alcohol, strong medication, other drugs or fatigue.

Bikes hired from The Open Road Experience Ltd are suitable for use on road and cycle paths only.  You agree that you shall not ride off-road on any unmade bridleways, roads or tracks that have not been included in your Open Road Experience bespoke route.

Bikes must not be submerged in water. Cycling in the rain is perfectly acceptable but streams, rivers or deep puddles must be avoided.

Riders should follow the Highway Code:

  • Do not ride on pavements, against traffic, or more than two abreast.
  • Please do not run red lights.
  • Be courteous to pedestrians and other road users.
  • Ride responsibly, do not attempt any manoeuvres beyond your skill level or the bike’s specific capabilities.
  • Front and rear lights are provided on all bikes and we recommend their use to promote your visibility and safety on the road.

Security of Bikes & Equipment

During your Experience, if your bikes and equipment are not in view, you are obliged to ensure that they are secure from theft.  All bikes will be provided with a lock and you are responsible for ensuring that the frame is adequately secured to a permanent fixture. The method of securing should involve using the lock through the frame and permanent fixture, (e.g. a cycle rack or solid metal object). 

Our Bike fleet insurance policy covers you for the full replacement cost of the bike, or part thereof of your bike and equipment, at current market price, if it  is lost or stolen during the period of hire, providing you secure the bike in the above manner. The security deposit will be retained in the event of loss or theft to cover the excess attached to our Insurance policy.

Should the bike be stolen due to it not being secured as described above, you will be liable for the full cost of replacement, or part thereof, at current market price.

Liability in Case of an Accident

The Open Road Experience Ltd does not provide any cover nor cannot accept any liability for potential liability to third parties (i.e. damage caused to others or their property). You may be able to arrange public liability cover, in the event of an accident involving third parties, and for damage during the period of hire, with your holiday insurance provider.  

The Open Road Experience Ltd does not accept any liability for any damage or injury to you during the period of hire. Helmets are provided and The Open Road Experience Ltd recommends that they are worn at all times when cycling. All young persons (under 18) must wear a cycle helmet and it is the responsibility of the accompanying parent / guardian to ensure that they comply with the UK traffic laws and the Highway Code at all times.

In the event of an accident or emergency, if someone is injured please call the Emergency Services first, and then The Open Road Experience Ltd.  The numbers are:

  • Emergency services: 999. 
  • The Open Road Experience Ltd: 07827 971876

We will not be liable to you where any alleged loss or damage results from:

  • Any of your own actions or ommissions
  • The action or omission of a third party not connected with the provision of your experience
  • An event or circumstances which we could not have predicted or avoided even after taking all reasonable care
  • Where any loss or damage is considered to be indirect or consequential loss

We accept responsibility for death, personal injury and direct loss suffered by you which can be demonstrated to have been caused by our negligence up to the following  limits:

  • For death and personal injury our liability is limited to £2 million.
  • Our total liability to you in relation to direct loss shall be limited to the total cost of your booking


A repair and recovery service of bikes and riders is provided as part of your Experience, in the event of an unplanned event.  This includes:

  • Mechanical failure and technical malfunction eg Puncture repair/tyre replacement
  • Accident or a requirement for medical assistance preventing the rider from returning to the collection point.

Excluded from this are simple mechanical occurrences which can be resolved by telephone support,  including saddle slippage, chain drop, movement of supplementary equipment such as saddlebags, water bottle cages and smartphone mounts, simple re-tightening of bolts on components that do not contribute to the safe operation of the bike. A simple multi-tool and disposable gloves are provided in your saddlebag to aid with any simple adjustments / remounting the chain.

The repair and recovery service is also available at a supplementary charge of £35/hour in the event of the following occurring:

  • The rider abandoning the Experience as a result of fatigue, or not feeling confident in their ability to operate the bike or complete the agreed customised route provided prior to the Experience.
  • Battery discharge as a result of the bike being used in an e-assist mode not appropriate to the route (e.g. constant use of “Turbo” mode whilst on the flat).  All of our customised routes are of a distance that is well within the range of a fully charged battery.  If we are advised by you that you wish to follow a route that, in our view, is beyond the range of a battery, we will provide a second fully charged spare battery at a cost of £45.  The logistics of providing this battery will be discussed with the you and an appropriate plan agreed, including any additional costs involved in delivering the battery
  • A rider in your group no longer wishing to continue

In the event of supplementary charges being made for the repair and recovery service we will deduct the amount from any unused security deposit at the end of your Experience.

The E-Tandem

Riding an e-tandem will be, for many hirers, a new and interesting Experience.  The cyclist at the front of the tandem (the “Pilot”) has a responsibility to the second member of the team (the “Stoker”, together the “Team”) to ride safely and responsibly.

In addition to the standard introduction to the e-Bike, we will provide specific instruction to the Team on how to mount, move away, ride, stop and dismount from the tandem.  As part of this introduction we will ask the Pilot to demonstrate they have the ability to follow all of these actions safely.  If we feel that the Pilot is not able to ride the tandem effectively, or if the Team is unable to ride the tandem in a safe way, we reserve the right to retain the booking deposit.

Civil Responsibility & Limitations

Riders of The Open Road Experience Ltd cycles are responsible for compliance with the UK traffic laws.

The hirer is responsible for all damages that occur whether to himself or anyone else within the rental period. The Open Road Experience Ltd does not accept liability for any claims by third parties regarding accidents, wounds, blows or damages caused by the hirer nor to their property, or loss of objects for whatever reason outside of the control of The Open Road Experience Ltd.

This contract conforms to UK law. The place of jurisdiction/law applicable to this contract being that exclusively of the UK.


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