Orbit E-Tandem: Velocity Electric Assist Steps E8000


Orbit Velocity e-tandem

Shimano Steps E8000 motor, large capacity battery

Many people are yet to experience the joys of an e-bike (which we are working hard to change), even fewer have tried an e-tandem!  Rarely has the merging of 2 components (power & a tandem) been so obviously well matched and beneficial.

Cycling a tandem, whether riding front (pilot) or rear (stoker) is seriously fun, and gives a fantastic shared experience for the 2 riders.   No longer is the tandem at a disadvantage on a hill: the power allows a couple to cruise up whatever gradient the road presents. The e-tandem is quite simply a marvellous machine!

For over 30 years, JD Tandems, a family business based in the Yorkshire Dales, have been manufacturing and selling tandems.  Recognised as the leading UK retailer of electric assist tandems, their Orbit bikes are assembled to order in the UK using quality components.  We chose the Velocity Electric Assist Steps E8000, a 2021 model, after extensive research and some superb test riding!

At the heart of the Velocity's appeal lies the super smooth, and efficient top-of-the-range Shimano Steps E8000 motor. Combined with a large capacity battery, this e-tandem has enough power to take both of you up double digit gradient hills with huge smiles on your faces.


Price per Tandem (includes cost of pilot if 1 rider)

2hrs: £70

Half day (4 hrs): £115

Full day (8 hrs): £155


To help us know what type of e-bike experience you are looking for, we will need to know:

  • Where you will be staying
  • The date you are available
  • The number in your group
  • Your height (s)
  • Your bike choice (e-tandem or individual e-bike)
  • Whether you would like to be guided/piloted
  • An idea of your cycling (normal bike) experience eg Experienced, Intermediate, Beginner, Returner to cycling 
  • Whether you have ridden an e-bike before

If you would prefer to chat, then give us a call!

Orbit E-Tandem

Velocity Electric Assist Steps E8000

Velocity Electric Assist Steps E8000 Specification


Top of the range 250 Watt Shimano motor perfectly suited to the hills. 3 power modes, and the option to ride without any power (2 riders working together can really shift on the flat!); the ‘Eco’ mode, the Trail and the powerful Boost.


Lightweight aluminium frame

Gearing & Brakes

11 gears and 3 brakes including hydraulic disc brakes, excellent in all conditions.


Low cross bars, easy to get on and off, and a comfortable set up for relaxed touring. The stoker has the added luxury of a suspension seat post and raised handlebars to promote a sit-up position, while the pilot will enjoy the bar ends and ergonomic grips on the handlebars.  


Front & rear cranks that aren’t locked in synch: You don’t have to pedal at the same time as your companion (though it makes for a smoother ride). If one rider needs a rest and wants to enjoy the view, the e-assist helps the other to continue to pedal!

Added extras

Walk assist mode and a prop stand so it is easy to park when you pause your ride. Rear carrier for your bits and pieces, and front and rear lights. 


Puncture resistant tyres with the right tread and traction for all weather / road conditions you might expect to come across on your bespoke ride.


All bikes are delivered to you in pristine condition.

Your experience includes loan of a road cycling helmet (compulsory) and a water bottle to fit into the bottle cages on the bike. Your bike has a mobile phone stand / bag fitted which you can see from the bike, for your navigational purposes.

Your bike has mud guards, lights, a chain guard and pannier rack at the back so you can strap a bag to take anything you might need with you.

Tandem fit / Sizing

Our tandem is sized to take a large height range. The frame can fit a pilot up to 5'11" (180cm) and a stoker up to 5'8" (173cm). At the time of delivery we will adjust the saddle height to achieve the best fit for the team. We'll also show you how best to get on and off the tandem, as there is a technique which makes the whole process a very simple one.

If you haven't ridden a tandem before and are feeling a little daunted, fear not! Prior to delivery we will send you a short instructional video which will take you through the steps of getting on, moving away and coming safely to a stop. We will also go through these steps with you on the day of delivery.


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