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The humble bicycle has been around since at least 1817 but it was decades later, during the 1890s, when power was first added.  However, without links to gearing and power controls, the early e-bikes literally didn’t go far. It wasn’t until a century later, in 1993, that Yamaha built the first pedal assist system whereby the electric motor is regulated by your pedalling, giving speeds of up to 25km/hour (yes please!).  Our fleet performs on this basis so as soon as you start to turn the pedals, the motor works to augment your efforts on the flat or going uphill.

The ingenious combination of a small and efficient motor with easy controls and the well documented benefits of cycling means that today the popularity of e-bikes is just growing and growing. 

It's time to discover the joys for yourself….

Our Fleet

Raleigh Hybrid E-Bike

Motus Grand Tour (RRP £2400)

Orbit E-tandem

Velocity Steps E8000 (RRP £5475)


To allow for spontaneity, and because hydration and safety all contribute to a great cycling experience, we provide you with a handy Open Road Experience water bottle (half & full day experiences only), and loan of a smart Raleigh cycling helmet.

We also provide a holder for your smart phone, where you can see it easily while you cycle, to follow your route.

And don't worry; you don't need to wear lycra! Just something comfortable, plus flat shoes. Our bikes have mud guards and chain guards to keep your clothes clean.


E-cycling with The Open Road Experience is about feeling confident and supported so we are on-call in the unlikely scenario of a mechanical issue during your ride.

Minor problems do happen on occasion; annoyances such as the chain slipping off or your saddle moving are straightforward to deal with over the phone, and we provide you with everything you need to solve these little problems in a bike bag. We do not expect you to have any technical knowledge or use any tools to repair faults or breakdowns!

Larger mechanical failings are unlikely due to our high standards of bike maintenance, however, if you are unlucky enough to experience a mechanical issue, road side assistance is included. We use puncture resistant tyres but should you have a puncture, we will come to you to fit a new inner tube.

Whilst our e-bikes are heavier than a standard mountain bike, they are fully functional without power, so can be ridden without using the motor. The batteries are large capacity and will have enough charge to complete your provided route with use of the power settings in a measured way. If we feel that the route you wish to follow isn't achievable on one battery, you will be able to rent an additional battery to carry as a spare on the bike.

Should you require collecting mid-route for an issue not related to a mechanical fault with the bike (eg you feel unwell), a call out fee is payable (please see our full T's & C's for details).


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